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Data is updated daily and comes from our partners

Identification information

By aggregating dozens of different sources, our database gathers information on more than 12 million French companies, active or deleted. Our data is updated daily.

Financial data and analysis

Access key information: published accounts, headcount, operating expenses, net income. Consult our global solvency score (developed in-house) and the main financial analysis ratios.

Downloading documents

Retrieve the documents that will allow you to conduct your due diligence: Articles of Association, Deeds, Annual Accounts, KBIS extracts, SIRENE situation notice.

Prospecting and alerting tools

Profitez de nos outils permettant :

  • to edit commercial prospecting lists
  • edit a KYC report
  • to edit a Solvency report
  • create alerts to monitor companies

Our Plans

Access information according to your

Member (free)

By registering for free, unlock access to VAT numbers and financial data, to our Global Solvency Score (internal method) and to download SIRENE status notices and BODACC announcements.


PRO access provides unlimited* access to financial information and data, ratio calculations, document and report downloads, as well as to our Prospecting and Alerting tools.

API access

Designed for companies wishing to retrieve data, reports and documents automatically via an API access. Customized pricing based on volume and need.

PRO Access

Unlimited access for professionals only

The PRO Access allows the visualization of all available data and reports, as well as the download of all documents in unlimited

  • Tarif mensuel de 59€ / mois
  • Offer without commitment, you can cancel at any time
  • Promotional offer : only €0.99 for 48h trial

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